We’re all telling stories all the time.

  • Your photo on Instagram tells a story.
  • Your presentation tells a story. 
  • Your resume tells a story.
  • Your story you can't seem to start tells a story (oh boy).

Every single day you send dozens of stories or messages out into the world.

When you’re writing, there’s always a story behind your words that you want to convey, yet sometimes, it’s hard to hear your own message over the other messages constantly bombarding you.

  • “Wow, this paper is really hard. Do I actually know what I’m talking about?”
  • “I have to get this job.”
  • "You're boring. Who wants to hear this story?"
  • “Am I on the right track?”
  • “You have to be an expert to say this.”
  • "Don't say too much. You have to present the story they want to see."

Often our real stories get buried under the clutter and our words feel jumbled. That’s where I come in.


My name is Julie Lenard, and I’m The Storyologist. I help my clients hone in on the essence of their message and tell their stories through consulting, coaching, and workshops.

I also help people preserve the art of oral storytelling in written form through my family stories (wanna learn more?). 

You can have the most polished writing in the world, but without knowing the message you are trying to send, it won’t ring true to who you really are and what you want to say. Aristotle was right on when he said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.I think he meant the whole story.

Whether I'm guiding you through the whole process, coaching you through the writing, or editing to amaze, your story will be authentic, clear and professional.


Stories matter. Let me help you tell yours.