Are You Sure?

Today was made distinct by a visit paid by my lovely friend who has relocated to Ghana. I've been in Philadelphia for 6 years, and for the most part, I really like it here. Yet it's always so inspiring to talk to people who are living in different places, and to daydream about the possibility of picking up my life in a flash and moving away. She talked about her job, the culture shock, the beaches and warm weather, and about a phrase which seems to be very common; "Are you sure?" After you say anything, she said, a Ghanaian will always follow up with, "Are you sure?" We laughed about it, because it seems like such an obvious question. However, upon thinking about it for a bit longer, I realized that so often, I have trouble being sure of anything. I constantly ask myself the questions; "Did I make the right choice?" "Is this really what I want to do?" Am I really ever SURE? Definitely food for thought.