Bucket List

So I fully realize this is my third post in a row about something or other that happened at school. Don't worry, I won't make a daily habit of it; I wasn't planning on writing a teaching blog or anything. But kids do say the darndest things. Here's a conversation I had today:

Kid: "My binder is broken."
Me: "Ok, I'll put it on my to-do list to find you another one."
Kid: "You mean your bucket list?"
Me: "What do you think a bucket list is?"
Kid: "Well, people like to keep lists in buckets."
Me: "No, a bucket list is stuff you want to do in your life. A to-do list is something you have to do. No offense, but getting you a new binder isn't really on my bucket list."
Kid: "Oh..."
Me: "It would be cool if people kept lists in buckets though!"
Kid: "Yeah."

I almost regretted telling him the actual definition of a bucket list.