Conversations that are best kept private

I'm making up for my lack of blogging yesterday (yes, I know you were all devastated) with two blogs today. So I'm just going to roll with this technology subject for a bit more. Yesterday as I walked down the street, I overheard several "private" conversations. I realize I'm going to date myself, again, but there was a time I remember quite well when the only private conversations I had were on my own phone in my own room. I remember campaigning long and hard for my own phone. It wasn't even cordless. It was one of those see-through phones with colored wires. I thought it was the coolest phone around. With that phone, on the phone line that I shared with my younger brother, I would chat for hours with my friends (whom I had just seen at school that day). Now that I no longer have a landline, I can have these "private" conversations anywhere that I want. I can chat in the supermarket, on the street, or even on the bus or the train (if I can withstand the dirty looks). When chatting on my cell phone, I have this false sense of security that no one can actually hear my conversation. I am definitely guilty of having conversations that I shouldn't in the most public of places. Yet, I can say with assurance that I've never had a screaming match with someone on the phone in the street (nor in the privacy of my own home, for that matter). 

So, I heard several snippets of conversations that I shouldn't have yesterday. 

Here's the that took the cake...

...a woman screaming a stream of curses into the phone, and ending with, "YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S THE PATHOLOGICAL LIAR! NOT ME!"