Do you believe in MAGIC?

First off, I'd just like to say that this is my 31st post. That means I have been doing this for about one month! Success! I'm pretty impressed that I've been keeping up for this long. It helps to have all of you readers out there, counting on me, looking for my posts each day :). Someone IS out there reading this...right?? At the very least, I have the illusion. That's a pretty great segue to my moment of the day.

The 3rd graders went to see a play of Cinderella today. I didn't attend the trip, but I heard it was a big hit. When they returned, I decided to read them the story of Cinderella to see how it compared. They had a lot of fun explaining the ins and outs of both versions.

One student said, "The play didn't have magic in it, but the story you read us did." I was confused. I asked if in the play, Cinderella's tattered dress became a ballgown, and if the pumpkin became a coach, etc. The students said yes, they did.

"But we know how they did it," the student insisted. "Because they told us after the show that there was really a hole cut in the stage, and that's how they did it." We then had a really interesting conversation about if there was or wasn't magic in the play.

Can something be magical even if you understand it?