Do You Hear The People Sing?

I joined the throngs of people flocking to the movies to see Les Miserables (a little late to the party), but that's not particularly noteworthy in my quest to find something unique about today. As a true musical nerd, that was bound to happen at some point or another. This blog is about the little things. The little things like seeing a curmudgeon of a man on my walk to the movie theater wearing one of those animal hats with ears on his head. Yet the true standout moment of my day actually came on my way out of the movie. I was with two friends; one who teaches high school. We ran into a group of her students coming from seeing Les Mis as well. They were so excited to see their teacher, and immediately started gushing about the movie. As we started walking out of the theater, they started singing, "Do you hear the people sing?" at the top of their lungs. It reminded me of my days when I was in the high school musical, and would also sing in public on a whim with my friends. I love the fact that these teenagers didn't mind making fools out of themselves and weren't afraid to be just a bit too passionate.