Philadelphia is the self-proclaimed, "City of Brotherly Love". Yet many say that one will only find rude citizens roaming Philly's historic streets. Philly tends to get a pretty bad rap. One of my dear friends is always very quick to point out the fact that my current city is continuously making the top of the list of the "Fattest Cities in America" and the "Ugliest Cities in America". Supposedly it also makes the top ten "Most Polluted Cities in America". Yet I digress. I witnessed an amazing human moment today that made me have faith in this City of Brotherly Love...and that also kind of confirms the Fattest Cities in America charge. I was walking out of my chiropractor's office, and a man walked in holding two donuts. He said he had just been to Federal Donuts (a Philly staple serving coffee, donuts, and fried chicken) and that they had given him an extra free donut with his original purchase. In a very jovial manner, he offered one to the receptionist. Now having personally tried Federal Donuts, I know that you've got to be pretty magnanimous to give one up - even if you did get it for free. It's not every day that you witness two almost-strangers sharing the donut wealth. How's that for some brotherly love? So much for those dieting New Year's Resolutions.