Eat Healthy! Michelle Obama!

We have a fresh fruit and vegetable program at my school. Three days a week, the kids get to sample fresh fruit or veggies during homeroom. It's been pretty interesting. I have a 6th grade advisory, and some of them are definitely more game than others to try the more obscure vegetables like kohlrabi and parsnips. Some of them didn't actually know what a strawberry was. It's very revealing. Well, today, we had a standard mixed veggie pack, and one student offered to hand them out. Usually, this student is rather sour, not particularly helpful, and pretty down. However, today, she was extremely cheery. As she handed out each veggie pack, she kept saying, "Eat healthy! Michelle Obama!" I thought it was so inspiring that the First Lady has even reached my 6th graders. Even if it's a fad, what an amazing fad that would be! Whatever gets them to eat healthy; the more power to them!