Is Chivalry Dead, Or Do Women Just Need To Purchase More Sensible Sneakers?

As I walked past the Union League on Broad Street today, a very posh, exclusive establishment with a long, winding staircase, I noticed something that caught my eye. A woman was attempting to climb the very steep stairs in extremely high heels. To make matters more difficult, she combatted the heels with a long, tight dress. Needless to say, she couldn't move that quickly. The man who was with her started off patiently climbing the stairs slowly with her. However, after two or three, he sighed in exasperation and booked it to the top, leaving this poor woman wobbling on the third stair from the bottom. I wanted so badly to insert myself into the situation and offer this woman my arm - or perhaps my sneakers. Is chivalry dead? Didn't the man understand from the moment he saw those heels tonight that he was going to be responsible for helping her keep her balance? On the other hand, I've tried, and I still don't understand high heels. Oh, I own a couple. I've spent years trying to find a comfortable heel. For me - comfortable heels are the ultimate oxymoron. Friends of mine swear that heels are even more comfortable than flats. Personally, I'd like to be able to walk up a long, winding staircase all on my own any given day of the week.