Julie, Do Ya Love Me?

I had the bright idea to catch the 3:20 bus to DC, in hopes of beating some rush hour traffic. Naturally, I timed it just perfectly with the freshly falling snow, and let’s just say what should have been a two and a half hour trip turned into more than a four hour trip. So, standing out in the snow, I tried to hail a number of cabs before one actually picked me up. I was distracted – trying to make sure I had everything, still recovering from the school day, trying to check my email on my phone, etc. Normally, I always talk to cab drivers ( I’ve had a number of interesting conversations), but today I had my blinders on. Well, my blinders were no match for Dominic, a cab driver who has been driving Philly cabs for 30 years. He immediately started chatting, and lifted my spirits up with his positivity and charm. When he asked for my name, and I said it was Julie, he immediately said, “Oh, like the song!” I told him that I had never heard of any songs that mentioned my name. “No, Julie, do ya love me – Google it on that fancy phone of yours!” Sure enough, I Googled it, and it turns out that in 1970, Bobby Sherman sang this awesome cheesy song called, “Julie, do ya love me.” Dominic then assured me that nothing but good things were going to come my way because now I had my song, and he was full of good vibes for my life. Yes, he actually said “good vibes”. Of course, upon exiting the cab, the snow was really coming down, and I had to wait for 25 minutes in the cold for the bus to show up. But it was okay. I was listening to my song, and thinking of good vibes. That kept me plenty warm.