"New Year's Resolution? No, I wouldn't say that."

A conversation I overheard between two women whilst waiting for Zumba class to begin tonight:

"Hey, haven't seen you for a while!"
"Yeah...things got pretty busy in December..."
"So, you're back? New Year's Resolution?"
"New Year's Resolution? No, I wouldn't say that."
"Oh? You wouldn't say that?"
"Once you say that, you're destined to fail!"

Interesting. There are several definitions of "resolution" on Merriam-Webster, but one that stood out to me today was: "resolution: the act of determining". The word determining seems to final to me, and I guess resolve does as well. Maybe that's why New Year's Resolutions don't tend to work; they're too rigid. They don't allow for human error. But then we'd all go making resolutions half-way, like, "I'll go to the gym...when I'm feeling good." "I'll make sure to eat healthy...except when I'm going out with my friends." "I'll be sure to save some money...except when I really need something."

I don't have an amazing solution to New Year's Resolutions. Every January 1st, I make them, and I don't know if I actually remember them come December 31st.

What do you guys think about New Year's Resolutions? If you respond in the comments below, then I'll know I at least have one reader :).

On a somewhat related note, Zumba was awesome tonight. I highly recommend gym dance classes. Where else do you get to work up a serious sweat, pretend to be a good dancer, and get your groove on with a bunch of ladies (and sometimes a token man)?