Redbirds in Arkansas

As I do most every January 1st, I woke up this morning feeling like everything should be different. There's such a build up to this day. Magically, overnight, I always feel I should have become this new and improved person who, in a flash, has already fulfilled all of her New Year's Resolutions. In actuality, I woke up to the sound of someone throwing up outside on the street, and to a dead mouse that the cat I am taking care of brought up to my bedroom.  Needless to say, I felt a bit let down. However, I did manage to get myself out of the house, and avoided the craziness that ensues in Philly on January 1st due to the Mummers Parade by walking along the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge for a couple hours with a friend and her dog. The landscape this time of year tends to blend together monochromatically, and we weren't spotting any wildlife so to speak of. Then, we saw it: one redbird, and then two redbirds, side by side. My grandma has trained me to look out for redbirds (cardinals). She always says that whenever she wants to feel better, she thinks about redbirds in Arkansas (her favorite bird in her favorite state). Seeing not only one but TWO redbirds is definitely something that makes this day different from other days, and it does make me feel better going into the New Year.