Suffering For Art

Today was cold. Like, in the 30's cold, with some wind chill thrown in. During this time of winter, I am usually seen in a long puffy sleeping bag-type jacket, gloves, and a hat. I'm also often seen walking very briskly. So, you can imagine my surprise when, while waiting for the bus, I saw a young man kneeling in the median on Broad Street with his camera, trying to aim high to get that perfect shot of City Hall. I must have been waiting for the bus for at least 15 minutes. During that entire time, this man, gloveless, hatless, and wearing a very thin jacket, was kneeling practically in the middle of the street, taking picture after picture of City Hall. I've seen many a photographer do this on a warm and sunny day. It's a pretty standard photo opp. Around 7 pm on a chilly Saturday night, this man took the time to freeze his fingers off just for the sake of his art.