Technology really can bring us closer together

I never thought I would say this - but I'm kind of addicted to technology. I used to be that person who wouldn't join Facebook, who wouldn't get an Iphone on principle...but...the truth is that now I feel a bit panicked when I leave the house without my phone. I check my email constantly. So often it feels like such a burden. But today, a dear friend of mine got engaged. Pretty huge news! Since this blog is meant to be about the little things in life that make one day stand out from the next, and not necessarily the amazing life-changing events, I'll focus on something a bit smaller. After learning of her engagement, my other friend called both of us, and we all got to chat together, in a matter of minutes. Way to go, technology. Now, these are two friends that I would spend hours chatting with in person in college. Before we all had cell phones. Certainly, before Facebook. Am I betraying my age too much here? We'd lounge around the dorm room, and talk about every topic under the sun. Since we now all live in separate places, that only happens every once in a blue moon. For a few, brief minutes, even though one of us was in Philly, one in Vegas, and one in LA, I could close my eyes and picture a dorm room in sunny Southern California, with all of us having those five hour conversations that I wish I still could have all the time. Even though I totally get the argument that with so much technology, we lose human contact (since everyone is constantly on their smart phone or Facebook), tonight - technology did really bring us closer together.