The candle that wouldn't quit

So, today is my birthday, which is a rather big event - I suppose. Every year, I find that I'm stuck between feeling like it's a huge deal versus just another year passing by. When you're an adult, most birthdays you find yourself working. That takes a great deal of magic out of that one special day. Yet the magic of my birthday this year was created by my friends. They took me to a wonderful, Charles Dickens-themed birthday dinner with five courses at a tiny restaurant that opened just for us. I could go into vast detail describing every single course....

The hot gin with sugar and water that started us off (an old fashioned cocktail):

The porridge that Oliver Twist mentions (no, we did not want some more):

Raw oysters - my first!

Welsh Rarebit (turns out it has nothing to do with rabbit):

A hearty winter beer served with the main course:

Roasted goose (originally only for the richer classes during Dickens' time):

...but the point of this blog is to focus on one tiny detail from my day.

The moment I will remember the most about today was when I was trying to blow out my delicious birthday cake:

One of my friends planted a trick candle on the cake. For at least a full minute, I kept blowing out the candle, only to discover, of course, that it would automatically light right up again. For a snapshot of time, just then, I became a little kid again. I found such delight and joy in blowing out the candle, only to see it re-light again and again. I couldn't stop laughing. Recently I've been noticing that the times when I have been completely lost in laughter have been few and far in between.

Today, even though I turned 31, for just a minute - I was able to be a little kid again.