The moon followed me home

As a kid, I remember loving when we would drive at night on road trips. Whether it was one of my parents or my grandmother, I would feel so safe and secure as I curled up in the backseat, drifting in and out of sleep. As I blinked my eyes open and shut, I would often catch sight of the moon. I was constantly amazed that the moon always seemed to be following me home. Of course, as I got older, I realized that the moon wasn't actually moving at all, though think I always preferred the myth to the reality. Today, on my long bus ride home, I was comforted, because although I don't always feel so safe and secure on the Megabus, at least the full moon was following me home.

By the way, readers, as a follow-up to my "Green Thumb?" post, check out my amaryllis now!