5 dozen donuts

You want to know what 5 dozen donuts looks like? Here's what 5 dozen donuts looks like:

No, they were not for me. I bought them this morning for a program at school. As I stepped out of the Dunkin' Donuts on Walnut Street, I prepared myself for the scrutiny of my fellow pedestrians. After all, when a girl carries a huge bag containing approximately 24,000 calories (nutrition info taken from the Dunkin' Donuts website and then poorly calculated by yours truly), you would think there would be a judgmental look or two. If I had stepped out of a Dunkin' Donuts in LA (if such a store exists there), I would have certainly been chastised.

Funny story - I was a first year teacher in West LA; a member of a teaching team of women who looked like models. Every Thursday, we would go and get cupcakes together. Sounds normal, right? Well, slight correction - we would get two cupcakes amongst the four of us, and split them in half. Each of us got half a cupcake. One Thursday, I said I would prefer to have my own cupcake. I could see the other three ladies casting disparaging looks at my midsection.

Yet this morning, no one even flinched. Perhaps this goes back to Philly being one of the "Fattest Cities in America". So my moment today consisted of me chuckling to myself, relieved to be living in a city full of regular-sized people who, on occasion, enjoy a donut. Or perhaps 5 dozen. Yikes.