"Auntie Julie, it's your turn!"

I met my good friend's baby girl today, who is just over a week old. She is adorably precious, and like most babies, slept almost the entire time I was there. I saw her eyes only briefly as she squinted up at me like, "Who the heck are you??" While I was ooing and ahhing over the new baby, I played Candy Land with her other kids, ages two and four. I was a bit distracted by the baby, so I told them to go ahead and pick my cards, and to move my player on the board. They kept saying, "Auntie Julie, it's your turn!", and I kept reminding them that it couldn't be my turn EVERY time. I thought they were trying to be generous to help me win. Then, my friend and I realized that although they kept drawing cards for me, they were not moving my player forward at all! Well, both of them won, of course. So much for the goodwill of, "Auntie Julie, it's your turn!" Little tricksters.