Bonding in Bank of America

It seems pretty improbable that you can have a memorable moment in a Bank of America ATM. Yet here it is. I was rushing to get home after a long day, and almost collided with an older woman when walking into the Bank of America ATM. Instead of telling me to watch where I was going (like a true Philadelphian), she offered to let me go ahead of her in line. I must have given her an incredulous look, because she told me she actually wasn't waiting to get money. She was waiting to "thaw out" from the cold. We exchanged pleasantries about the weather (and how cold it was) for a couple moments, and then she told me that she wasn't really used to the cold because she was from the South. Due to my Southern roots, we started having a much more in depth conversation. Many a Bank of America customer became annoyed at the fact that we were blocking the door. We didn't tell any of them to watch where they were going.