I'll be baaaack

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I have committed to teaching Saturday Academy at my school for the next several weeks. It sounds more formal than what it actually is - more test prep before the state tests. I could write a novel on my feelings on testing, so I'll table that for now. However, my 6th graders and I had a really funny moment whilst test prepping. A passage described an alien as being "built like Arnold Schwarzenegger". One girl asked what that meant. She hadn't heard of Arnold before. So I google imaged him, and immediately all of his muscle pictures came up. Only a couple kids had seen The Terminator and only a couple more knew of his infamous line, "I'll be baaack." Of course, when I then told the kids he also dabbles in politics, they were shocked. So, in that one moment, we were all just gawking at Arnold's muscles. Imagine, a whole generation growing up without Arnold! What is this world coming to?