No Day But Today

Almost two years ago, I went to Turkey for 6 weeks with a group of 12 strangers. I didn't really think of 6 weeks as being that long until a camp friend reminded me that camp was only a week longer, and it seemed like those summers lasted forever (in the best way possible). All 13 of us were and continue to be incredibly different people. That dynamic made our trip hilarious, insightful, frustrating, emotional - you name it. Yet I can still say today that it was one of the best experience I've ever had, and that I've formed some of my most meaningful relationships through this trip. So, what does that have to do with my moment of the day? Well, our Turkish host happened to be in DC for a couple of days, so eight of us drove down from Philadelphia to have dinner in Silver Spring with her and our resident professor of the trip. Basically, we spent almost six hours on the road to have a two hour dinner. It was totally worth it. We were missing three members of our group, but it was amazing to see most of us together once again. My moment came on the way back, when my friends and I were singing along to the Rent Soundtrack. We were singing that song, "No Day But Today", albeit a bit off-key, and I was just hit with all that song has meant to me in my life. This musical came out when I was in high school, and I aspired to live like there was no day but the present. Now, over ten years later, I've fulfilled a bit of this philosophy by daring to travel with 12 strangers for 6 weeks throughout Turkey, some of whom have turned out to be my best friends.