Not shocked

So I passed out fairly early last night - well before 9 PM, and completely forgot about my blog. Don't you worry, because you'll be getting a double dose of insights today!

My moment yesterday was one of social commentary. There I was, heading down the street, and saw a sight that seems inevitable in a city. Every once in a while, on a street corner, there seems to be an individual who is just plain yelling. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn't, and nine out of ten times is accompanied by several expletives. Most city folk are pros at putting on a blase look and pretending like that person doesn't exist. That part didn't really faze me. What did, however, was the fact that the four children of this one woman did exactly the same thing. Not one child looked in the "crazy" person's direction. All of them pretended that they didn't hear anything. I thought in that moment that they were too young to be that practiced at pretending like they weren't shocked.