"That hoagie is staying in my belly!"

Today I coordinated a field trip with 6th graders to a Sewage Treatment Plant for a service learning project. I won't discuss the Murphy's Law element of this field trip. Instead, I will share one moment. One fairly unappetizing moment. Our tour guide was explaining that while it's not always pleasant to think about, the Sewage Treatment Plant is really essential - without it, where would our waste go? After all, everyone has to go to the bathroom every day. Side conversation between two students:

Student 1: "I'm going to have a hoagie for lunch."

Student 2: "That hoagie will just end up here later."

Student 1: "Oh no! That hoagie is staying in MY belly!"

Student 2: "Until it comes here later!"

Student 1: "Gross!!"

So today my students officially learned where their waste goes. Young minds were blown.