The art of getting lost

This morning, my friend, her dog and I set off to find a nice wintry hike around the town of Jim Thorpe, PA. Easy, right? Well, between our google maps and apple maps and hiking apps ... we just kept getting lost. At one point, we were ordered to make a sharp turn by google maps, which was really a hairpin turn, and we ended up in someone's driveway. Google maps announced, "You are here!" but we really weren't so sure. At another point, we were driving through this random town some 70 miles north of Philly (or possibly west, I'm not entirely sure) and we hit every single red light. That's when we discovered we had been driving the wrong way for about 20 minutes. That was my bad. Since this friend has been in my life for over 20 years at this point, we've had plentiful opportunities to get lost, and we take it in stride. In fact, the defining moment of today was when she just pulled her car over to the side of the road, spotted what possibly could be a trailhead, and suggested that we just get out and start walking. So we did. And it was beautiful.