The Gold Card

Picture this: You wake up, and wonder for a second why it's so light outside. You leisurely reach over to your phone, and check the time. It's 8:15, and you were supposed to be at work by 8:00, having already purchased bagels for a co-worker's student group. You leap out of bed, curse a few times, and make it out the door in 3 minutes flat. You rush over to Dunkin Donuts and purchase 3 dozen bagels and cream cheese, while simultaneously calling the school to make sure that someone is covering your morning advisory. At precisely 8:40, you breathlessly arrive at school, sweating profusely. You deliver the bagels, and make it to the door of your advisory, where your 6th grade students make fun of you because your face is the color of a ripe tomato.

That's not a hypothetical situation...this was my morning. For the first time since I've been working, I must have forgotten to set my alarm. Yikes. Possibly even more humbling was my self-proclaimed non technologically-savvy mother telling me that it's helpful to set a recurring alarm on the Iphone. Thanks, Mom!

However, the moment that saved my day, when I was griping about my disaster of a morning, was when my co-worker/office mate/best friend at work told me to go out and buy a coffee on her, using her Starbucks Gold Card.

Starbucks Gold Card?

Needless to say, I had never heard of this phenomenon. I've gotten 5 dollar gift cards to Starbucks before...but I have never seen a Starbucks Gold Card. In the midst of what was proving to be a terrible day, it was nice to have one moment spent laughing hysterically/marveling at how one even gets to be a Starbucks Gold Card member. The answer? It takes almost a year, and it's a long process. That's a lot of coffee. However, in that moment, all those venti triple shot lattes, hard work, and determination just made my day.