The hidden speakeasy

Deep in the heart of Philadelphia's chinatown, there's a gate. Behind that gate, there's a door. Behind that door, there's an entry room. Behind that room, there's a hidden treasure of a bar. In typical speakeasy fashion, there's no sign for this place, and if you blink, you'll miss it. You ring the bell at the gate, and a man (reminding me very much of the gatekeeper of the Wizard of Oz), answers, frowns at you, and tells you that he might not have room for you for a while. If you wait, however, it's worth it. After waiting in the entry room, you go inside. Inside - although I can't show you since no photos are allowed - it's an eclectic room with red walls, a nickle-plated bar, and random paintings, including a picture of a dog wearing a dress. Then, they start making the drinks. There's no wine, and no beer. Just old-fashioned cocktails. I've never seen a drink being made before that was so entertaining. If the drink calls for freshly juiced fruit, they'll juice it right there for you. If that drink calls for a bit of coffee, they'll brew it fresh for you. The bartenders shake the drinks with their whole bodies. Our drinks literally took 10 minutes to make. The moment I'll remember about today was when I actually clapped when our drinks were poured. I've never been so excited about receiving a mixed drink. It was pure art! If you dare to approach that secret gateway, I dare say that you might just have a magical moment of your own.