The longest elevator ride ever

Today I got on an elevator that was going the wrong way. Maybe it was because I was immersed in an intense Words with Friends game on my Iphone and I wasn't exactly paying attention. So I wedged myself into this tiny elevator with about 8 other people, and a woman in the back immediately grumbled, "I take it everyone decided to ride the elevator today." I got in on floor 5, thinking I was going down to the lobby. Alas, I was headed up to floor 12 instead. It seemed like every floor the elevator would creak to a stop, someone would have to get out, and someone else would get in. I kept getting pushed further back, so I didn't want to push my way through the crowd to try and switch elevators. Multiple people started complaining, and all of a sudden, the elevator felt extremely small. At one point, the elevator almost stopped in between floors. I had that moment where you surreptitiously look around, thinking that these are the people you are going to be stuck with for the foreseeable future. Luckily, the elevator managed to eek out a couple more stops. I blissfully rode the whole way down by myself in total silence.