Conscience Clicker

I think my co-worker/office mate/best friend at work should really have her own blog. She's hilarious, and quite frequently brightens up my day in unexpected ways. Like today, for instance. She was drinking a Snapple, and told me that she was reminded of her Catholic school days...

Why, you ask? At school dances, the lids to Snapples became "conscience clickers" for the students. They would go around, and click their Snapple lids at each other if they were doing something unholy. Talk about a elaborate way to go about shaking your finger at someone! Out of all the crazy stories I have heard about Catholic schools, this one definitely takes the cake! That moment was one of utter hilarity for me. I will never look at Snapple lids in the same way again.

Any other former Catholic school students out there? Do you have any stories to top this one?