Philly on St. Patrick's Day

Well, I have to say that I just partied too hard yesterday, hence no blog post. Naw, if you know me at all, you'll know that I'm way more likely to not blog because of report cards rather than getting drunk on a Sunday.

So yesterday, I was sitting in front of my computer, eyes straining to focus, and I heard choruses of "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" from the street below. I looked out the window, and saw dozens of people in green, weaving their way up and down the street with their poorly concealed drinks.

As I've stated before, I just don't get the St. Patrick's Day mindset. I feel like Philly may be unique there. Last year, I entertained family on this holiday. It was a gorgeous day, but I have to say that I felt slightly embarrassed of Philly as we passed person after person who was obviously intoxicated. One girl actually couldn't get off the ground. 

In that moment, I wanted to open up the window and yell down below that some people have jobs to prepare for, but I refrained. 

Thankfully, St. Patrick's Day is over.