Taking a Moment

I realized today that I haven't felt the sun on my face in forever. I may just be exaggerating, or as my students would say with a great deal of prompting, using hyperbole. Well, it feels like forever. It's been a long, dreary winter in Philadelphia, and I had my mind set on sunny skies when I traveled to Louisiana. The first few days were freezing for the South - just a few degrees above the North.

Finally, today, it was warm enough to sit outside without a jacket. My grandma's dog, Ringo, is constantly in motion. It's very difficult for this little dog to sit and just take a moment. I am often the same way. Yet today, I lay down on a bench outside my grandma's place, stuck Ringo on my lap, and we both took a moment to lounge in the sun.

Immediately upon taking this picture, of course, Ringo hopped down and scurried as far away as the leash would let him go.