Teaching on the Fly

Teachers are always told that they need to expect the unexpected. This philosophy once again proved to be true today when I found myself teaching my grandma's morning exercise class at her assisted living community in Louisiana. I kid you not. This really happened.

Let's back up a bit. My mom and I have been attending morning exercise with my grandma and some of her fellow residents a couple times this past week. An instructor has lead us in some chair stretches and light weight lifting. Each of these times, my mom and I have come in late, so this morning we were determined to be on time - early, even.

We were sitting in the exercise room, ready to go, when the recreation director came over and told us there probably wasn't going to be anyone wanting to exercise today. Well, sure enough, my grandma and two other residents came over to attend class. The recreation director said there was no instructor available today on account of Good Friday, but that we could turn on an exercise DVD. Now the last time I actually owned a TV, there was only one remote, so even between the two of us we could not figure out how to turn on that DVD.

Finally the recreation director turned to me and said, "Well, unless you want to lead it yourself, it looks like morning exercise is not going to happen."

The residents looked at me expectantly. I knew what I had to do. So I did it.

I want to say that I faked my way through the moves pretty well. I managed to remember most of the exercises we had done over the past couple of days and my mom filled in when I forgot a few. Most importantly, the ladies seemed to trust that I actually knew what I was doing, despite the fact that I certainly had attended fewer morning exercise classes than they had. In the span of a moment, I had become their morning exercise instructor.

I guess that's what I get for being punctual. Can I add this to my resume now?