Today I almost stole a grocery cart

Well to be fair, I was planning on returning it. You see, I consistently run into the same problem whenever I grocery shop. I live in the city, I don't have a car, and I never remember my little old lady shopping cart when I have to carry heavy bags. As I've mentioned, I previously have broken both of my wrists, yet I continue to put myself in situations where I'm hobbling along on the street, stopping every couple of feet to readjust my heavy load, while everyone gives me pitying looks. Today it was more of the same. I have some social and work events that require me to purchase several bags of groceries this week. Rather than space it out, I decided to wait until the last minute.

So I'm standing at the exit of the store, with my cart, and no part of me wanted to actually pick up the bags. In that moment, I started thinking of my grandma. She has stolen a couple of grocery carts in her day. Well to be fair, she always returned them, so I guess she was borrowing them. Her justifications always seemed reasonable. The more I thought about it, the better of an idea it became. No one was around. It would have been so easy. Yet two things stopped me just in time: 1) the shame of potentially being chased down the street by the cashiers, and 2) running into someone I know whilst pushing along a stolen grocery cart. Well, a borrowed one. So I hoisted the bags up, took a deep breath, left that moment behind, and walked home.