A moment of human kindness

I've done enough ranting about the Megabus to last a lifetime, but somehow, today, I found myself on it once again.

I'd like to point out at this juncture that I have never once seen this mythical $1 fare...

Anyways, getting right to the point. It was after 6 pm. The passengers were tired and cranky. Our driver was a bit grouchy, to say the least.

Then, a woman with a baby under a year old walked onto the bus. The baby was crying.

I almost could sense the mood of the bus start to shift. We, complete strangers, had to make a decision. Were we going to continue moodily staring at our phones and venting about the lateness of our bus, or were we going to help?

Just like that, it happened. Two men jumped up from their seats and offered to help her carry her baby to her seat (The baby was in a baby carrier....is there another name for those? You know, the ones that look like huge baskets? This is clearly a question for people who have kids...). I gave up my seat that was next to an EMPTY seat - the holy grail of the Megabus - so she could have a seat for herself and a seat for the baby. Another woman helped her figure out how to buckle the seatbelt around the baby carrier.

No one mentioned the crying. It was a truly kind, human moment. We weren't going to nitpick.