A new Philly neighbor

There's something about springtime that puts everyone in a better mood. People shake off their winter doldrums, get outside, and get moving. The grunt that passed as an acceptable social interaction during the winter turns into a wide smile and a, "How gorgeous is this day!?"

Walking with a friend today, we passed by a beautiful house near the river with tons of potted plants all around. I stopped to take a picture of this tree:

I got a kind of funny look from the woman outside working in her garden, so I started gushing about the beauty of her tree. In 30 seconds flat, we were carrying on an animated conversation about her plants, how amazing the day was, how long we had lived in Philly, restaurants we preferred, and so on and so on.

I wonder if I would have been able to strike up such a positive connection in the dead of winter. Even though I pride myself on being able to turn any stranger into a friend, a skill I learned from my grandmother, I seriously doubt it.