Have you ever had those kind of moments when you know you're being really pushy and annoying...but you continue anyways? Well, today I had one of those moments. I was at Home Depot, buying some paint for a bit of a Spring makeover I'm doing in my apartment. As I waited for my paint to get mixed, I saw a paint roller/brush kit:

It was nothing special, and I wasn't even looking for an entire kit. What caught my attention was a sign in front of it saying,


I've always been a sucker for free stuff. One of my friends makes fun of me because I can never refuse a free t-shirt, no matter how silly the t-shirt actually is. Free food is the death of me. Whenever I see one of those "free" boxes on the sidewalk, I always stop.

I muttered to my friend that I was definitely going to try and get it for free. She laughed.

Sure enough, when the sales lady handed me my paint, she didn't offer me the paint roller/brush kit. I seized my chance, and asked, "Since you didn't offer me the paint roller/brush kit, I get it for free, right?" She sighed, grabbed one of the boxes, and wrote on the back:

I wondered if she had done this a couple times today.

Then, when checking out, I did the same thing. "Excuse me," I said to the cashier. "I just wanted to make sure that this was free, since there was a sign saying it would be free if they didn't offer it to me, and they didn't." I'm pretty sure my friend was acting like she wasn't with me at this point. He sighed, and rang it up for free.

Well, I definitely was annoying and pushy in that moment, but the end result turned out pretty great.

Incidentally, I did end up using every piece in my free paint roller/brush set.