I've seen this same woman at various gym classes for about five years now. I don't believe I've ever properly caught her name, so I simply refer to her as "Hey, you!" She, on the other hand, believes my name to be Irene. I haven't had the heart to correct her. 

On South Street today, I heard, "YO, IRENE!!" I didn't stop walking at first - after all, it's not my actual name. When I heard it for the second and third time, I looked around, and sure enough, it was my gym buddy. We chatted for a bit, and she told me that when it was nice out, she left the gym to get her cardio on the street. That way, she explained, she could curse at people while she was at it and get her agression out of the way.

It was by far the most bizarre moment of my day. Sorry, I meant Irene's day.