Searching for something that doesn't exist

Don't you worry. This is not going to be a terribly deep or emotional post. I think I may have gotten all of that out of my system from yesterday's rant. No, this post will just involve a confession of my ridiculousness from today.

You see, on Thursday nights I help run a family group at my school. Every week a new family wins our "lottery"; a cool gift basket, and a gift card towards making dinner for the following week. This week, the winning family brought a big pot of chili, which was delicious.

After the meal, I was helping clean up, and I realized I couldn't find the top to the chili pot. I want you to keep in mind that this was one huge pot of chili. The top must have been enormous. I couldn't fathom what had happened to it. I checked all the usual places in my school cafeteria, and then resorted to looking in the office (perhaps I had brought the top of the chili pot in there while making copies?), three refrigerators, and two very large garbage cans.

I was panicking. Here this family had made this amazing meal, and I was about to tell them that I just couldn't find the top to their chili pot. Finally, I resorted to beckoning another co-worker out of her parent group. She came out prepared for some unforeseen disaster. I explained my problem.

"Oh, there was no top to the chili. It was covered in aluminum foil," she replied.

Oh. In that moment I realized I had made the whole thing up. There never was a top to that chili pot. I had been searching for half an hour for something that never existed.

Maybe I need to get more sleep.