The honesty of children

Today, one of my students gave me a present of flowers picked from her mother's yard. I put them in my Camp Arcadia cup, they smelled delicious, and they completely made my day.

However, what really struck me in the moment this student offered me the flowers was what she said.

"Tr. Julie, I brought in some flowers from home. They were meant for my homeroom teacher, but, since she's not here today, I'd like to give them to you."

I wasn't offended that I wasn't her first choice. I know that a third grade homeroom teacher trumps a teacher that the kids see for just an hour a day, no question. I was just struck by her honesty. She didn't say this with any kind of malice or intention of getting my goat. There was nothing fake about this gesture, and it really made me think about how many times I've been a bit dishonest just to smooth over a social situation for fear of offending someone.

This student had no such fears. She was so confident in our relationship and in her sense of self that she was perfectly comfortable letting me know that the flowers weren't originally meant for me, but that I would do just fine as second best.

Knowing how amazing her homeroom teacher is, I was honored to be chosen second!