Y'all going to the Phillies game?

I went to a Phillies game, and it was both fun and freezing cold. However, my moment of the day came before the game, whilst on SEPTA. Once the Broad Street Line gets far enough South, it becomes fairly obvious that everyone is probably going to the game. It may be the bright red attire, it may be the attitude that can only come from the Phillies fans.

A young boy who looked to be about 10 or 11 sat on the train, looking longingly at all the people going to the game.

"Y'all going to the Phillies game?" he asked everyone within range. He would then proceed to question them about their seat, and give his opinion on whether or not that was the best spot. He kept putting his hand on his heart as he said how much he loved the Phillies, and how much he wished he was going to the game.

At his stop, a few stops before the stadiums, he reluctantly got off the train to go home.

I was so close to running after him, offering him my ticket, and going home myself!