My grandpa always told my grandma that she spent too much time talking to strangers. More times than not, she would end up inviting her new friends to visit her in Louisiana. Then she would go away traveling and leave my grandpa to deal with random people showing up at his doorstep. "Miss Genie told us we could visit anytime," they'd say.

"Woman!" he would say to my grandma, "You and your damn fellowshipping!"

I've definitely inherited my grandma's love of "fellowshipping" and it always leads to unique situations. Yesterday evening at happy hour, my friend and I sat down at one of those tables that was literally right next to another table. It could have been awkward, but instead the four of us ended up ordering rounds of drinks and suggesting desert ideas. We even made tentative plans to try karaoke in the future.

I want to note that I did not, however, extend an open invitation to our new friends to stay at my apartment.