Getting into the picture

This morning I went to a Sati class. After it ended I was trying to rush out to meet a friend. I went to the back to grab my stuff, and came back right as the class was trying to take a group photo.

My first instinct was to duck behind the doorway so that I wouldn't spoil the picture.

In that moment, I thought of my mom, which is fitting, today being Mother's Day and all. I have a bad habit of being a bit too self-effacing. My mother is always telling me I shouldn't be in the background, that I'm talented and special - you know, all the things mothers are supposed to tell you. I usually brush off those compliments, because, well, she's my mom, so she has to say that stuff...right?

Yet today my mother's voice told me to get myself into that picture. So I stepped out of the shadows, told the whole group to hold on a second, and I made my presence known.

It's not the most flattering of pictures. I'll put out the disclaimer that I had worked up quite a sweat. But I'm there. I made myself count, and that's all thanks to my amazing mother.

See, Mom? I do listen to what you say. Happy Mother's Day!