I just wanted to see if it would fit!

So...this happened...

Okay, not exactly this. Yet, just like Flick in the Christmas Story, one of my 3rd graders yesterday decided to take a risk to see what would happen. In Flick's case, he decided to lick a pole. In my case, this kid decided to stick his finger into a basket of books. This is what ensued:

Student: "TR.JULIE!"
Me: "Wait just a minute, I'm helping another student."
Student: "Umm...TR. JULIE!!!"
Me: "You have to wait your turn, just like everyone else!"
Another student: "Tr. Julie...I really think you should see this..."
Me (Sighing in exasperation): "What could be this important? OH...."

First, I thought that just by pulling his finger I could get it out. When he squealed in pain and the rest of the class started laughing, I knew that more drastic measures had to be taken. We put some lotion on his finger, and tugged. Nothing happened. Finally, when we were about the cut the basket, the finger finally popped loose.

Me: "So why did you do this?"
Student: "I just wanted to see if it would fit."

Enough said.