If you want the elevator to come, you have to push the button

Today at the doctor's office, I was waiting for the elevator to go down to the first floor. The doors opened, the elevator was full, and I decided to wait until the next one came around.

I was waiting for a couple minutes when an elderly gentleman came and stood beside me.

"Young lady," he said. "Are you waiting for the elevator?"

"Yes of course," I said, somewhat impatiently.

"Well, young lady, unless you push the button, that elevator isn't going to come anytime soon", he replied.

We both laughed a bit, and I agreed with him that it would be impossible for the elevator to come unless I pushed the button to actually call it. I had pushed it the first time, but when that one hadn't worked out, I had forgotten to push it again. It was one of those moments which immediately resonated with so many other areas of my life.

How badly do I want that elevator to come?