Ladybug Cupcake

I've made it clear that I have recently been suffering from a cupcake addiction. Well, the student birthdays seem to have been multiplying in May. Temptation is everywhere. I receive at least three cupcake offers per day. So far, I've abstained.

Today, I returned to my desk to find this:

Ladybugs hold a special place in my heart. My grandma calls my mom ladybug, and they both call me ladybug from time to time. I've even considered getting a tattoo of a ladybug (except for the fact that it would then look like I had a bug on me). I got a bit sentimental with this cupcake.

Yet - and this is very impressive - I admired the cupcake, and then gave it to my office mate. I had, however, just consumed an entire bar of chocolate.