Smoothie Savior

Lately I've been getting really addicted to green smoothies. Like crazy addicted. I crave kale and spinach first thing in the morning. My first attempt at a green smoothie involving chard was a bitter bust, but now I've gotten it down to a science.

Note that my smoothies never look like this, but you get the idea:

Anyways, it's been a couple days since I made a smoothie - I didn't buy what I needed the last time I got groceries. Halfway through today, I felt like if I didn't get a green smoothie in my system, I would scream. I went around the corner to this all-natural cafe, and ordered.

"So, the credit card machine isn't working today, so it'll have to be cash," the owner said. I must have looked fairly desperate, because he offered to make me the smoothie anyways, and have me pay him back the next time I came in. 

I had never been in this particular cafe before, and this man did not know me at all. How did he know that I would ever pay him for the smoothie? Luckily, I found some cash hidden in my wallet, but he was willing to serve me up some green smoothie goodness, essentially for free.

This random act of kindness compiled with the healing powers of the smoothie turned around my day in that one moment.