Today I woke up to a sticky, humid day, and realized with a sinking feeling that I had to put in my air conditioning units. One of my least favorite parts about living in an old building is the transition from winter to spring, and then the transition from summer to fall. Putting in and taking out two AC units is not a favorite past time of mine.

Two years ago, however, when I had broken my wrist for the first time (yes, that's one out of two broken wrists in two years), I completely panicked at this time of year. I've been living alone for a while, and I'm not used to having to depend on anyone else. That year, it was physically impossible for me to lift a glass of water, not to mention an air conditioning unit. My friends ended up helping me, but I then dreaded the inevitability of having to ask them again when fall rolled around.

This morning, I decided to give it a try. I slowly and carefully lugged my two air conditioning window units out of my storage space and installed them all by myself.

I felt invincible. In that moment, I was Superwoman. Sure, she had crazy cool powers, and all I could do was install a window AC unit by myself, but in that moment, they seemed to be one and the same.