The man with the shirt that billows in the wind

I'll admit I often like to make up stories in my head about people I see on the street. I'll imagine the most mild-mannered looking strangers having some mysterious, exciting double life. I can't remember when I first saw this man, but I've seen him at least once a week for at least a year.

This man is always standing directly on a grate, in the exact same spot, in front of the exact same sushi joint. See how I did that? It sounds way more mysterious to say sushi joint than sushi restaurant. I bet you're already intrigued.

He always wears a t-shirt and a thin, buttoned-down shirt, opened. Since he stands directly on top of this grate, the air blowing up causes his shirt to billow out behind him. Literally, if I had gotten a picture of him from the side today, he would have looked like he was a hunchback. He's always checking his watch, and just...waiting. Always in the same spot, always with a shirt billowing out behind him, always checking his watch.

I've imagined that this man is part of illicit sales, a member of the mafia, or just his own secret double agent. He looks too sinister to be just your ordinary joe on the street.

Usually, when I smile and say hello to him, he merely looks away and checks his watch. Today, when I approached him, he held up his index finger as if to tell me to stop. I wondered if he was going to confess some huge secret, or beckon me into some illegal activity. I have to admit that even though I was terrified, I felt like Nancy Drew on the verge of solving some huge mystery.

He reached into his pocket. What was he going to hand me?? The suspense was killing me. Finally, he handed me this.