Tied up

Today we played a really cool team in bocce ball. Some of the teams have been really laid-back and friendly. Others have whipped out their measuring tape when the proximity of a ball has been disputed. I'm pretty sure that one team had a referee playing for them. Anyways, it should go without saying that the teams have varied in personality.

One girl on today's team held up her water bottle full of clear liquid and said, "Oh, it's gin." The other one cursed like a sailor. Even their secret weapon, a large man named Steve, cheered every time we made a point. It was a friendly game.

We started off gaining five points very quickly. Then, point by point, we got more and more relaxed - until the game was tied up. We miraculously made two extra points quickly, and then it was the end of our time slot. We had won!

If that other team hadn't been so nice, one of my own team members probably wouldn't have suggested that we just play one more round. We all agreed that we were having so much fun that one more round wouldn't hurt. Of course that's the round that officially tied the game up.

I've said that our bocce ball team wasn't competitive, and I think overall it's been true. But it doesn't mean we don't want to win. In that moment, we almost wished that the other team hadn't been so copacetic.