You were spotted

* Some names have been changed

Today, I received a voicemail. Nowadays, cell phones are an automatic form of caller ID, so I knew it was from my my tutee's mother, Joyce Smith, before I even listened to it. Yet...if I hadn't known this in advance, it would have been super creepy. Just you read on and see.

"Good morning Miss Julie Lenard, this is just a message to let you know that you were spotted in the CVS yesterday, around 10:15, have a great day! Smile!" 

Around this point in the message, even though I knew it had to be from my tutee's mother or grandmother, I was still feeling uneasy.

"And...a question for you, do you have a clue as to whom this is? I bet you don't...."

The woman's voice was pretty low and seemed different from the mother or grandmother, so I started wondering if this woman had stolen their phone. I'll admit it, I started getting a bit freaked out.

"Smile, this is Joyce Smith, have a great day, goodbye."

I already knew that this family was rather, how do I put it tactfully, eccentric. This voicemail, which lasted even less than a moment (34 seconds) certainly solidified this fact. I wondered why Joyce (the grandmother, in case you were wondering) didn't just stop me in CVS when she spotted me.

I also started thinking about how different this experience would have been about ten years ago when I didn't have a cell phone or caller ID and wouldn't have any idea who this woman's voice on the other line belonged to.

Yikes. Is this "you were spotted" technique the new form of a prank call? Joyce did seem rather delighted with herself at the end of the voicemail.