Doing a "Maggie" and coming full-circle

Well, our bocce ball season has come to an end. A premature end, some might say, due to the fact that we didn't win the whole kitten kaboodle. This week we had the first round of finals. Now, even though everyone made it to the finals by default, we still felt pretty good about ourselves. Our first game went really well; we won by a landslide.

Our second game - not so much. We ended our season with the same team we first played. They were, in fact, one of the only two teams we really enjoyed playing. They didn't take themselves too seriously, were good sports, and yes, drank copious amounts of beer. If we've learned anything, we've taken in the fact that the amount of beer one consumes seems to directly relate to how well one performs at the sport.

The first time we played this team, we won only because a woman named Maggie on their team in the very last play managed to knock all of their balls out of the way by mistake. From that moment on, we deemed any plays that were detrimental to the team a "Maggie".

Today, without thinking as one of our players inadvertently knocked everyone else's balls out of the way, one of us said, "Hey, way to do a 'Maggie'." Instead of being really offended at that moment, Maggie burst out laughing and said that her team had been giving her a hard time throughout the season  all because of that first game. We then proceeded to joke about it for the rest of that game.

Even though Maggie's team ended up winning and they will be the ones competing in the elite finals next week, we still felt in that moment that we had mastered the art of bocce. When it really comes down to it, you aim the ball, take a few sips of beer, and joke around and have a good time.